I’m not going to burden this page with my life story, memories are fine and wonderful and all that but that’s not what this is about! You’ll see a lot of movie references sprinkled throughout the site so please forgive me there #sorry #notsorry but movies and music – especially animated movies – are just part of who I am. As is music, always has been. So hopefully you’ll catch the references here and there and if you read something and it sounds weird or what not – just know it’s likely a movie or music reference and just move on! 🙂

I started something with my family around the dinner table some time ago. What started out as “what’s your high for the day” and “what’s your low for the day” and then spiraled into The Aky Gang’s dinner time talks where I would always try to find the positive which in turn brought about the #barbisbrightside.

I was actually quite proud of it. I mean if you know me, you know I don’t have many brilliant moments so when I get one I cash in on that shit! But I could feel myself more and more stopping to look for the positive and the light spiraling more into the dark dusty corners of my mind where I could sit and mope in private.

More school shootings, senseless killings and violence, people out of jobs and no I’m not even going to start on the world of politics. Needless to say I let go of trying to find the brightside on a daily basis and gave into the negative. And I was sucked in quicker than Lightening McQueen around the Piston Cup.

I was hitting some pretty all time lows for some reason. I wasn’t happy with my life, my job etc. I felt disconnected from everything that I cared about and just really “didn’t care”. Things just didn’t seem to be going well and I was getting more and more depressed daily.

At the same time as this I could feel/sense and see my kids seemed to be struggling with the same. My kids struggling with relationship issues and trying to find their place in the world thinking never was going to work out for them. They’d never be happy. There just seemed to be this doom and gloom cloud surrounding the people I love and care about.

Finally in March of 2019 I decided to get a grip on this shit and dig myself out. I thought maybe if I could make a difference to my life I could help others like my kids, my family and my friends. I started on a more spiritual path. Notice I didn’t say religious path but a spiritual one. I have my own beliefs and they don’t involve needing to be absolved by a fellow human to forgive me of my daily sins. That’s not how this works, at least not for me.

I’ve started working more on opening up to receiving messages from my guides and angels, relying on my tarot and oracle cards to help point me in the right direction and using cystals and Moon rituals to help me get out of this funk I was in.

Now you can laugh if you want or just drift up to the “X” button on the browser tab and shut this shit down right here right now. That’s completely your choice what you believe or choose to believe. For me, this is what I want, this is my choice and you’re free to make your own.

Anyway, the point of this page is simply as the Monty Python boys would say “always look on the bright side of life”. And that’s why I created this site. This site is to hopefully help spread some more positivity not just in my life but in anyone who comes across this site. There will be no hate, no negativity, no fear, no self doubt. This site is all about finding the good not just within yourself but those around you and in turn helping those around you do the same.

I hope you enjoy it. If you’re looking for love, peace, joy and happiness then I hope you feel that you’ve come to the right place. And if you don’t want those things in your life then please be kind and just move along. This is not the site for you.

Have a great day my friends, carpe diem! And I hope you make it, as my beautiful and very clever grambaby would say, the best day ever!