Hello? Can you hear me?

So I’ve been on this journey to unlocking the connection between me, my angels and my guides for only a few short months now. I think it’s time I write out my experiences. I always find that (for me) it helps when you write it down so every day I journal but this is the … Read more

Freyja ~ Bold

So that’s twice today I pulled this card from our lovely Goddesses. The first was this morning when I was asking about me. The second being this afternoon when I asked what message should I post on the site today and she came up again. I’ve done some research about our beautiful Freyja. And not … Read more

Oreo Cheesecake Parfait

Soooo, someone posted this little beauty on Facebook! I’ve not tried it yet but boy do I plan to! Since it was just an image I’m going to post it all out here and then I’ll come back and share a picture of it after I’ve created it. Now this looks more like a parfait … Read more

A True Inspiration

So by now I’m sure you’ve all heard about the AGT sensation Kodi Lee! I watched the video last night for the first time as (sorry AGT) I don’t watch the show. And OMG what a sensation! Here it is if you’ve not seen it yet! I mean how can I look at my life … Read more

The Full Moon May 2019

So just as with the New Moon, I gave the Full Moon ritual a try as well. Again, there are many different rituals and it’s all about what you feel most comfortable with. This time I gathered up a group to try it, granted not all tried it and I kinda feel that may have … Read more