We the people

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So I know it’s been a very long time. I even drafted up a post a few weeks ago but I don’t have the heart to post it.

The whole point of this blog is to see the good in people, the things worth fighting for. That knowing no matter how shitty things get or how fucked up the world around is, THERE IS ALWAYS GOOD and THERE IS ALWAYS A BRIGHT SIDE.

But sadly, I’ve not felt that way. In fact, I’ve been struggling to find a way to crawl out of this darkness and I can tell you my friends, I’m losing this battle.

The state of America, just America alone these days is enough to crush the soul. Broaden that to look around the world and see the lack of humanity and common decency and it’s just heart breaking.

While I do try to remain positive, in as much as I can, even I can’t find the way back to the light at the moment. Hence my silence of late, I have no words to describe what I’m seeing around me.

From COVID, there were many that were skeptical. They didn’t believe this was worse than the flu. Except with the flu, you may get 30,000 people dying each year (or whatever the number is) but people didn’t seem to realize – that was over the course of 365 days. COVID-19 is claiming way more numbers and all of them at once. But I tried to understand their own fear and inability to accept the reality of this virus was sad. Not something to be angered about.

The further this lockdown goes on however, you start to see it’s more than just fear. It’s out right ignorance.

As people storm their state house’s, fully armed, all due to a tweet from our resident lunatic president who’s claiming their 2nd amendment is under attack so they should rally, liberate and take back their day. Take it back from who exactly? Their state officials who’s trying to save not only their own lives but the lives of the state residents who are sick, already suffering and the elderly?

So ok, I tried to let that go as well. Then came the out right audacity of people now speaking in front of their local representatives saying how they are being denied the right to live, the right to breath properly all because masks are being mandated? These people don’t even see the numbers are still climbing. That at the time of this post, one of the top White House officials states we’re not even out of the 1st wave yet so why start talking about the 2nd wave.

So I shake my head, I just don’t get it. Such little to no compassion for your fellow human being. The people struggling to beat cancer, souls like our Trinity who can’t even fight off the common cold without being hospitalized. But ok, I can’t change your mind, I can’t make you have love, understanding and empathy for your fellow humans. So, I let it go.

Then came the next thing to rock the world. We all know, have seen the video or heard about it. The over 8 minutes of watching someone getting murdered right before our eyes. And why? Because he was black. To the Black Community, this isn’t a new horrific event. This is something they literally deal with and witness daily.

But to a lot of the world, this was something that could no longer be over looked. This isn’t the first time, we as a race, have witnessed such an unspeakable act of hatred, but for some reason this is the one that most of us chose to act on.

The #blacklivesmatter movement has increased exponentially with the murder of George Floyd. We, the people, have decided enough is enough and we’re not going to take anymore of your shit.

Humans from all over the world are joining with the movement, support for our brothers and sisters that although we may not be able to fully understand what you’ve suffered and continue to suffer, we ARE with you.

So the protesting started, people joining arm and arm, to shout it from the rooftops that #blacklivesmatter.

Then comes the others, “well all lives matter”. Well fucking duh! This shouldn’t even be a thing though. And for most white people, you have no idea what the point of the movement is. Of course all lives fucking matter. But that’s not the point. The point is, unless you know what it’s like to be targeted, you have no idea what is happening. What we are all turning our head’s from so we don’t have to see.

If you’re a white person and you see a cop pulling you over, is the first thing you think about “is this going to be the time they kill me?” “is this the day I die?”. No. It’s not, you instantly think “well maybe I’ll get off with a warning” or “this is going to cost a fortune”. So we have no way of knowing what that is like. To live in fear that just walking down the street to the corner shop for an after midnight snack could mean that we’ll never return home.

And please don’t come to me with some bullshit of “well do you know they were arrested for this that or the other” because that’s a fucking joke. If another human is killing a human in front of a cop, then by all means, do what you have to do to save that life.

But to be stopped just because you look different? Fully cooperating and complying and then to be starved to death of precious air that your body needs to survive, for what? Because you looked “suspicious”? Bitch please! Most of us don’t have any idea what that’s like, to live in that kind of fear and witness that kind of hate.

So yes, I fully support and stand with #blacklivesmatter. I may not be able to understand what it feels like to have that fear and hate to deal with daily, but I offer my heart, my love and my peace (such that it is lately) to you. Let’s make a difference this time. Let’s say enough is enough.

But no, we can’t even come together with that. We have a leader who is instigating the violence. To meet protestors with rubber bullets, tear gas and more.

Rioters being paid to go stir up the protestors so this violence from police is justified.

And it never stops, this and more continues to go on and on all in the midst of a global pandemic.

“We the people” have become selfish, lazy, self-centered and blind. We’ve let this continue on for far too long.

We are on the precipice of a crucial turning point that could forever change the world for good or for evil, what will your choice be?