A True Inspiration

So by now I’m sure you’ve all heard about the AGT sensation Kodi Lee!

I watched the video last night for the first time as (sorry AGT) I don’t watch the show. And OMG what a sensation!

Here it is if you’ve not seen it yet!

I mean how can I look at my life and be miserable when this young lad not only over came his ability to face a huge crowd like that but to sing and perform in front of all those people!

That makes most of us feel sick just even entertaining the idea but not Kodi! No no, he showed us what it’s like to truly face your fears, throw caution to the wind and say I’ll be damned if I’ll sit back and be quiet. I want the world to see me, know me, feel me and hear me.

I mean how can that not be an inspiration to us all?

How many times have you sat back and wanted to say or do something but let your fear stop you, talk you out of it or get in the way?

I know I’ve done this more than a time or two and still do it today. Obviously there’s a practicality to it all. I mean I wouldn’t go on TV to go up against a celebrity chef just because I can make a mean cupcake at times but I’m sure you understand what I’m saying.

I wish I could be brave like Kodi and just face my fears – not only face them but rip them down and do what makes my heart happy.

Those are the cards that I keep getting, they are telling me to make sure I’m aligning my intentions with my heart’s desire and I am trying, truly I am but a bitch has to pay the rent you know? So I make time every morning for myself and try to either put out a message of positivity, love, hope and peace for everyone to see or some days I’ll just look inward in trying to find that peace, hope and love within me.

But like Kodi, I have found hope, love, peace, happiness and the lot in music. Any kind, all kinds. It’s the soul’s way of expressing itself through song.

It’s truly what keeps me going everyday in some form or another. Whether that’s watching a video, listening to music when I walk or writing in my journal or just sit back watching Trinity make up lyrics to a song and sing it loud and proud.

I love doing karaoke or singing in the car or while riding on the mower and mowing the grass but I would never have the courage, the bravery and the heart to get up on stage on public TV and just let the whole world see me.

We see you Kodi! And we’re honored that you shared that with us. You are brave, you are courageous, you are amazing and you are an inspiration to us all! Our hats are off to you!

So in the spirit of Kodi, keeping inline with your true heart’s desires and your true intentions, how can we be brave like Kodi? How can we change the world or at least our little part of it. How could we put ourselves out there to make such a profound impact, like Kodi did, to inspire and spread joy and positivity because that’s truly what I felt watching him perform.

I didn’t see an Autistic or Blind man – I saw a true entertainer who loves to sing and make people feel good.

I challenge us all to go out there today and do something that brings about that type of change. Now don’t worry, we can’t all be singers, musicians or such like but in some way we could, each one of us, make such a powerful and positive impact in some way. To do something or create something that brings about this type of positive inspiration which will in turn inspire others around you to do the same. Thus having a ripple effect, a pay-it-forward if you will effect on others.

So let’s do this! Let’s have a go! And don’t feel bad if you go out today and try something if it doesn’t work. That doesn’t mean you failed or you’re rubbish at it. It just means we need to keep trying.

After all, we’re not born with the ability to talk, speak, walk etc – we practice at it and we master it. Like any skill we try. We don’t write our name on the first try, we have to practice.

So why not practice this? We have the courage, we have the ambition and the passion – as Mario would say “letsa go”!