Freyja ~ Bold

So that’s twice today I pulled this card from our lovely Goddesses. The first was this morning when I was asking about me.

The second being this afternoon when I asked what message should I post on the site today and she came up again.

I’ve done some research about our beautiful Freyja. And not just the Oracle card, the actual Goddess.

What a story!

So Wikipedia says Freyja is Old Norse for “(the) Lady”. She’s a goddess associated with war, death, love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold and seiðr which is a type of sorcery practiced in Norse society.

Now I’ll admit that whole cloak of falcon feathers thing sounds pretty wicked and wouldn’t mind one of them for myself.

But when I read the meaning behind the Oracle card and then tried to balance that out with the Wikipedia history / meaning – it really wasn’t adding up, not for me anyway.

Yes, she’s sounds fierce, beautiful, loving and powerful. And there are many depictions of her appearance depending on where you look as well but I sense of compassion, kindness, sensualness and completely sexiness.

What Freyja is telling us today is to go out and be bold, be daring. Don’t sit inside and wonder what if! Go out and experience things for yourself. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, take the risk and give it a try.

Now, don’t get me wrong if you were entertaining the idea of hacking into your bank account to add some more zero’s or some shit – I’m not saying all that. But it’s more about appreciating yourself and who you are. Don’t wait for someone to give you an “attaboi” go out and give it to yourself.

Throw a party, buy yourself a drink, indulge in that extra triple layered chocolate cake. Flirt, yes even if you’ve been married for 30 years you can still flirt with your spouse. Spark that fire that has always been there but maybe the flame has died down a bit because life’s just got in the way.

Seize the moment! Appreciate your own beauty that is within. Beauty doesn’t come from what you’re wearing, how much you weigh or if your teeth are straight. Beauty comes from the soul and it’s there, always has been. You just have to embrace it, acknowledge it and recognize it for what it is.

You are strong, you are powerful and you are beautiful! And it is Friday after all, what better card to pull than the beautiful, sensual and passionate Freyja. So go out and celebrate tonight or stay in and enjoy yourselves. Whatever makes you happy.

Just remember to be true to who you are and appreciate who you are! You are loved, even if you don’t see it or recognize it….yet! You will if you just let yourself.

You do you boo and remember (as always) I love you!