Nemetona ~ Sacred Space

Create an altar or visit a power place to connect to the Divine

So I asked this morning what message should I share with everyone for my site and this little beauty came up!

We’re always searching for answers. Some find it in a church, some find it at the top of a mountain. We’re always looking for that confirmation that there is a reason, a purpose.

The truth is we’re not alone. Whatever you choose to name it – God, Jesus, Quan Yin, Buddha, Allah, angels or even guides/spirits. Whatever your faith believes – there is always something watching over us. But we as humans must let our mind make sense of it so we feel we have to “go to” a “proper” space to sense it, feel it, believe it before we truly feel connected.

So create one or define one. Whether that’s a place inside your house, a temple, a church, a stream nearby or through the power of visualization. Call in your protector, your healer and your counselor. Believe you can do this and listen. Over time and with much practice you’ll be able to tune out the physical mind/ego and hear the messages, feel the protection and receive the healing that is meant for you. For your best and highest good I wish this for all of you! I love you!!