The Full Moon May 2019

So just as with the New Moon, I gave the Full Moon ritual a try as well.

Again, there are many different rituals and it’s all about what you feel most comfortable with.

This time I gathered up a group to try it, granted not all tried it and I kinda feel that may have put a bit of a damper on things. I mean after all if you’re picking up negativity from other people around you like they think you’ve gone off the deep end, how much are you truly focusing on what it is you have to do?

So I’d like to go back and do this one again as I don’t feel I really connected with the task at hand as I was too self-consciousness to really “get into” the moment if you get me.

But what we tried was drawing a circle on the piece of paper. Much like with the New Moon ritual we put our intentions inside the circle. These were things we wanted in our lives that we wanted surrounding our environment.

Then outside the circle we put what it is we no longer want in our lives and environments. Fear, anxiety, debt etc. Those kinds of things.

We then cut out the circle to save for later and place inside our God box or on our alter. Then we lit a small fire and added (again) some White Sage and burned the negative things we no longer wanted that was no longer serving us.

After the fire was out, I scattered the ashes to the wind as we no longer wanted them in our lives and there were doing us no service.

I can’t say anything life changing happened for me but I mainly feel that is a reflection on me and my own ego as I was too worried about the others around me.

So do yourself a favor, if you’re like me and you’re too in your own head about what others will think or say or what not – do it in private. You don’t have to burn your paper in a bon fire. Just light a candle outside, burn the paper and then just let the wind take it as it drops to the ground. Until you feel more comfortable and confident it’s perfectly ok to keep everything private.

I mean, hell, there’s lots I’m not going to share with you all here because I know some of you and (no offense) but I don’t need you to justify my actions or what I’m doing in order to try and make my life and the lives of the people I care most about a better place and world to live in. 🙂

So have fun with it but most importantly feel free enough to do it, free enough to create your own ritual.