The New Moon May 2019

So I never knew this was a thing. I mean I did but never really did it. There are New Moon and Full Moon rituals you can do.

Amber mentioned this to me last month when the New Moon was coming about in May. She seemed rather shocked I’d never tried this before and I was like what is this thing you speak of?

It was actually pretty cool! So the magic of the New Moon is for manifestation. It’s your chance to basically write or speak your intentions to the universe with things like “I will” rather than “I want”.

So I thought what the heck, I’ll have a go!

There are many different rituals out there and none of them like cut off the heads of bats or nothing. This just ain’t that kind of show here. But I decided to kind mash up a bit of this and a bit of that.

I already have an alter beside my bed where I keep my crystals and my cards. I also have a God box where you can keep things that are most sacred to you. It’s my mom’s old jewelry box with her jewelry still in it.

So here’s what I did. I thought long and hard a couple days before about what are my true intentions. What is it that I’m trying to manifest exactly? All I could come up with currently was peace basically. I just wanted peace. It seemed I had been fighting or at war with some unknown thing in my life that I was just exhausted. I thought maybe peace would bring about a bit of a rest for me. A chance to just chil and “be”.

But I also wanted this for my kids as well as they had been struggling in their own right as well.

So I wrote down my intentions on a piece of paper, I lit some White Sage (boy howdy that smells like weed if I’ve never smelt anything before) and I called in my guides and angels and sent my intentions to them.

I also did some quiet and quick meditation in the bath with some candles. When it was all done, I folded up my paper and placed it inside my God box.

Now I can’t say that I can pinpoint any one thing that’s happened or has changed but I do feel more at peace. I’ve been practicing on my visualization and mediation and pulling a daily tarot and oracle card every day and I seem to be getting it more.

I also journal every day as well. It’s my chance to just recharge by getting everything that is in my head out on paper so I can quite the chaos a bit and yes it helps, well helps me anyway.

So honestly I feel like it is working. Although one of my intentions hasn’t fully come to pass yet I do feel like it’s getting better at least. So what do you have to lose? Go on, have a go! But you must believe in it for it to work.

Just like with anything in life, job, love, marriage etc. You can’t just go through the motions, you have to actually believe in it, get behind it and put in an actual effort in order to make the difference. And not just one day either. Every day you have to keep trying and keep believing.

Isn’t it worth seeing what you can manifest out of thin air with a little imitation weed burning, a piece of paper, a pen/pencil and a 15 minute mediation and request for assistance?

I mean after all, if you were break down on a road with no phone and no one in sight – what is the first thing most of us do? We ask for help by talking to our selves going “oh come on, not now” or “can someone just please come and help me”. Well maybe it’s just me that reverts to talking to herself to try and give myself a mental slap.

But like I said, for what it’s worth – have a go! You can get a complete list of the Moon Phases for 2019 here. And if you’re not sure where to start…….